The orangutan is headed for extinction

Adopt an orphaned orangutan and help it return to the rainforest

IUCN has recently changed Borneo's orangutans' status from endangered to critically endangered. Read more about it here >>

You can help us save the orangutan and its rainforest home by adopting an orangutan here >>

Last years El Niño hit both humans and orangutans in Indonesia hard even though Save the Orangutan sponsored volunteer fire squads and supported translocation of distressed orangutans. Read about the devastating effects of the 2015 El Niño here >>


The above trailer introduces 10 new videos, that are made in order to show the extensive work that goes on everyday in order to save the orangutans. We named the videos "We Love Orangutans" and you can watch the rest by following this link >>


You can follow an orphaned orangutan and support the work to save the critically endangered orangutan and its rainforest home. Read more here >>