The orangutan is headed for extinction

- Adopt an orphaned orangutan and help it return to the rainforest

It is possibly the only albino orangutan in the world that was saved - and that with the help of Save the Orangutan. The albino orangutan was freed from a family who had kept it as a pet for a couple of days. The orangutan is being examined before it is set free in a secret rainforest area. Read more here >>

An orangutan baby aged just 2 years, has been flown home to Indonesia after having been smuggled to Kuwait, where it was most likely destined for a life exploited for entertainment or as a pet. Now examinations will show exactly where the orangutan is from and if it will become part of the Nyaru Menteng’s rehabilitation program. Read the whole story here >>


The above trailer introduces 10 new videos, that are made in order to show the extensive work that goes on everyday in order to save the orangutans. We named the videos "We Love Orangutans" and you can watch the rest by following this link >>


You can adopt an orphan orangutan and support the work to save the critically endangered orangutan and its rainforest home. Read more here >>