About Lone Dröscher Nielsen

Lone Dröscher Nielsen is the woman behind the world’s biggest rehabilitation centre for orangutans. The truly dedicated Dane’s work to save and rehabilitate Borneo’s red apes has been depicted by the BBC, Animal Planet and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.


Mother of a thousand orangutans

Lone has been a mother to more than a thousand orphaned and homeless orangutans at the Nyaru Menteng rehabilitation center. Since the mid-1990s, she has fought a tireless battle to protect the red Asian ape and to prevent the clearance of its home, the rainforest.

Back to freedom

In 2012 the centre could begin the release of rehabilitated orangutans in a large and safe rainforest area in the middle of Borneo. It was the first time in history that former pet orangutans were being released into the wild on such a large scale. Fortunately, the orangutans exceed all expectations.

New base, same mission

Due to illness Lone had to leave Borneo and Nyaru Menteng in 2010. Today Lone works as a Senior Advisor for Save the Orangutan from her new base, but the mission is the same.

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