About Save the Orangutan

Save the Orangutan believes that orangutans have a place in nature – also in the future. But Borneo's rainforest is disappearing, and the wild orangutan is threatened with extinction. With the help of dedicated contributors, we have been working for ten years to ensure the survival of the wild orangutan and halt clearance of its rainforest home.


Together we make a real difference

17,000 private persons in Sweden, Denmark and the UK help us make a real difference for the orangutan on Borneo. Through Save the Orangutan, they help to rescue, rehabilitate, and release orangutans that have been left homeless due to deforestation or kept illegally as pets.

We protect wild orangutans

In collaboration with, among others, the Indonesian partner Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS), Save the Orangutan helps to protect wild orangutans in their rainforest home and secure rainforest, which the homeless orangutans can be released into.

We protect the rainforest

To minimise the illegal activities that destroy one of Earth’s most important ecosystems, Save the Orangutan collaborates with local authorities. We involve the local people in the work to save the orangutan and support them in creating sustainable income opportunities.


Monday-Friday 8:30-14:00 BST.

E-mail: info@savetheorangutan.org