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Adopt Meryl

In the early morning of January 7, 2015 our team from the Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Center went to Tumbang Jiga Village after receiving news about an orangutan baby kept by villagers. Tumbang Jiga Village is located deep in the remote area of Katingan Regency.

Poor condition

Meryl was found in a very poor condition. She was weak and thin. The owner put her in a lanjung, a Dayak traditional bag made of plaited rattan, usually used for carrying crops or firewood. She could barely move inside the bag.

Examination and care

Meryl was gently examined and taken to Nyaru Menteng's clinic for further treatment. Initial examination by vet Meryl Yemima showed that the baby was approximately 8 months, yet she had spent the last 6 months in captivity. She was named Meryl, after the vet who lovingly had taken good care of her.

Back to life

Meryl had a fracture on her arm and was very vulnerable when she arrived at Nyaru Menteng - but she has already regained some of her strength. After a few months at the center she looked much happier and healthy. At the center Meryl will now learn how to survive in the will - a process that can take up to seven or eight years.

Watch video with Meryl from 2016



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