Mothers and offspring in Bukit Batikap


The monitoring team has good news from the summer in Bukit Batikap. They have monitored a number of discarded mothers with their young ones, which has showed that they master their new life in the wild nature to the fullest.

Astrid, which was released in February 2012, and Gadis, which was released in

November 2012, are both excellent mothers. They both had the courage to move away from the area where they began life back in the rain forest. Astrid became a mother of the first baby born in Bukit Batikap during Christmas 2012, and her young, Astro, has a zest for


Hiding in the treetops

Gadis was released along with her then three-year-old, Garu. Today, Garu a soon five-year-old male, has seen

playing up to ten meters from his mother. As the good mothers they are do both Astrid and Gadis always have an eye on their small ones. Both of the two families are mostly hiding behind the crown leaves when the monitoring team approaches them. They do not want human presence or interference in their lives. They are so wild, and viable, as one could wish for.