Released orangutan babies are enjoying life in freedom


During September month earlier this year were 24 orangutans released into a rainforest conservation area called Bukit Batikap on Borneo. The release was quite special since there were four orangutan mothers and their four orangutan-babies among the released candidates.

A monitoring team has used radio transmitters and observed the orangutans during their first three months in the rainforest in order to make sure that everything goes as planned. The team now reports that the four orangutan-mothers and their babies have managed the transition to the wild very well.

- All mothers are nursing, safekeeping and guiding the babies patiently in the rainforest. We have observed, that they are teaching them how to build a nest, climb trees and search for food, reports the monitoring team.

Jambi and Jamartin

Jambi and her baby Jamartin have been observed high up in the treetops. Jambi was very good at finding food during the practice in Nyaru Menteng, and this skill is benefitting the little family in the rainforest. The monitoring team has seen her enjoy her freedom, and she is good at giving Jamartin a varied diet.

Mawar and Mumpuni

Mawar and her three-year old Mumpuni have been difficult to monitor. Every time the team has tried to come near the little family, Mumpuni has started making a strong noise in order to show his dissatisfaction with the team’s presence. Mawar quickly reacts and take Mumpani further away from the monitoring team. This reaction is a very sound reaction for orangutans, and it indicates that they are getting used to be true wild orangutans.

Meklies and Meklias

The team discovered the young Meklias playing around in the top of a very high tree. At first, the monitoring team could not find the mother Meklies, but she was relaxing in a nearby tree. As soon as Meklias noticed the team, he fled over to her and did not move from her side as long as the team was there.

Sumeh and Sawung

Mother Sumeh has also been very good to adapt to the life as a mother in Borneo’s rainforest. When the monitoring team has observed her, the little family has been well nourished and healthy. They always keep themselves high up in trees, just as they should.

It is great to hear, that our released orangutans are doing great! The four mothers and their babies are enjoying their new freedom in Borneo’s rainforest and they are contributing to create a sustainable wild community of orangutans in Bukit Batikap. Hopefully will more orangutans from Nyaru Menteng soon join them!

We are grateful to all our supporters. It is thanks to you that our work with saving the Bornean orangutan is possible!

What can you do?

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