24 orangutans released into Borneo's rainforest


It is with great pleasure that Save the Orangutan can announce that 24 orangutans have returned to Borneo’s rainforest. All the orangutans have so far been able to adapt quickly to life in the wild.

We have, through our local partner Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF), released 24 orangutans during September, and they have all adjusted to their new life with ease. Their successful release is due to the staff’s excellent work at the rehabilitation centres – work which could not have been done without the loyal support of our members.

Orangutan babies and mothers among the released

Nineteen of the orangutans come from the rehabilitation centre Nyaru Menteng and were released into a rainforest area called Bukit Batikap Conservation Forest in central Borneo.

Four of these nineteen are mothers with babies that were conceived on our rehabilitation islands, and it is an added delight that these orangutan babies will be able to grow up in the wild.

In addition, five more orangutans from the rehabilitation centre Samboja Lestari have been released. These orangutans were released in the Kehje Sewen Forest, where they join 31 other orangutans that have been released there since 2012.

One of the released orangutans, Long, may be especially happy to return to the wild, since the Kehje Sewen Forest is her original home. In 2007, she was found there alone, at the age of one. Eight years later, she can now return home.

An important contribution to the survival of the orangutan species

Small teams follow the orangutans in the immediate time after the release, in order to make sure that the orangutans can survive in the wild and get enough food. The first reports back were very positive, and the releases have been a great success.

The 24 orangutans are now an important part of the remaining and threatened orangutanpopulation living in the wild on Borneo. The overall population has been reduced by 90 per cent over the last 100 years, mainly due to human activities.

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