Rescue case: Emen

Arrival at Nyaru Menteng: 5 January 2000
Age at arrival:
4 years old
Rescued from:
Life as a pet
12 November 2012 in Bukit Batikap conservation forest

Emen had a rough start in life. With the help of the Nyaru Menteng rescue and rehabilitation program, she now lives in freedom with her son.


Punished for stealing eggs

Emen was rescued from life as a pet shortly after Nyaru Menteng had opened its doors in 1999. The centre was contacted by an individual who knew about an orangutan which was held captive in the village Henda. The rescue team of Nyaru Menteng immediately set out. They found the small female orangutan weakened and with only a thumb left on its right hand. Her illegal owner had punished her for stealing eggs by cutting off the rest of the fingers.

Rehabilitation in forest school

After having recovered from malnutrition, Emen began the rehabilitation process at Nyaru Menteng. In Forest School she re-learned the natural skills she had forgotten during her captivity. After three years she was moved to the protected island Kaja, where she could try out life almost without humans. She gave birth to the male Embong on the island in 2009.


Emen was among the first former pet orang-utans released in protected rainforest. She returned to the wild on the 2nd of November 2012, and despite her missing fingers and early years in captivity, she manages to live as a wild orangutan in nature together with her son, Embong