Local anchoring

It is of utmost importance both to Save the Orangutan and the local partner, BOS, that the projects in the villages are sustainable. This requires that need, motivation and ability derive from the village itself. Save the Orangutan and BOS provide tools to support the process.


Need assessment

Save the Orangutan' local partner, BOS, works in the field. In each village a local facilitator coordinates the cooperation with the other residents of the village. Together they assess the needs in the village and how best to prioritize the work to cover these. When people are in a situation of acute scarcity, it can be difficult for them to think beyond day to day.

Local facilitator

It is the villages themselves who has to manage the projects. Save the Orangutan's project manager and representatives of the local partner regularly visit the villages, but in everyday life it is a local facilitator who is responsible for the progress of the projects. The facilitator must be a person that the village trusts and respects.

Voluntary interest

There is a tendency to pay villagers to participate in development projects that improve their lives. We do not think this line of thought is sustainable. The project is only a success if it is recognized as important and effective by the participants.