About orangutans

With its special red coat, the orangutan is recognised by most people. But did you know that the orangutan is the world's largest arboreal mammal, that it can use tools, and that it sleeps in a nest at night? Here you can find information about the orangutan and its way of life.


The red ape >

The orangutan shares 97 % of its DNA with humans, and there are several different subspecies of orangutans.

The history of the orangutan >>

The orangutan was a common species throughout Southeast Asia two million years ago.

A specialized rainforest mammal >>

The orangutan has adapted its body perfectly to its rainforest habitat.

The orangutan life cycle >>

The life of an orangutan is unique in many ways.

Way of life >

The orangutan finds its food in trees, mostly lives alone, and can use tools.

Habitat >

The orangutan lives in the lowland rainforests on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo.

Threats >

Clearing of the rainforest and the hunt for gold and quick profits threaten the wild orangutan’s survival.


  1. Habitat:  Borneo & Sumatra
  2. Standing height:  Male: 140 cm / Female: 115 cm
  3. Max arm stretch = 225 cm
  4. Weight: Male = 100 kg / Female = 50 kg
  5. Diet: Fruit, bark, insects.