Save the Orangutan is a charitable organisation represented in Denmark, Sweden, and the UK. Our regional representatives are independent legal entities that are cooperating closely, and they operate under the common name of Save the Orangutan to fulfill the common purpose of saving and protecting the critically endangered orangutan and its last remaining habitats.

Save the Orangutan primarily operates through closely established partnerships locally in Borneo to effectuate and execute projects within our aim. Moreover, Save the Orangutan works in close cooperation with international partners sharing our mission to gain a stronger mandate and make a bigger difference for the critically endangered orangutan. Read more about our partnerships here >>

The daily administration and operation of Save the Orangutan is managed by the secretariat of Save the Orangutan Foundation based in Denmark. Our regional representatives' boards of trustees consist of the following people:

Save the Orangutan Foundation

(Orangutang Fonden)

Elin Schmidt

Thomas Blach

Børge Petersen

Ida Theilade

Read more about the board of Save the Orangutan Foundation (Orangutang Fondenhere >>

Save the Orangutan SE

Jakob Lind

Måns Fornander

Birk Andersson

Anna Wohl

Matilda Eriksson Sjöstedt

Read more about the board of Save the Orangutan
SE here >>

Save the Orangutan UK

Information about the organisation of Save the Orangutan UK here >>