Rakus, wounded orangutan.

Injured orangutan displays unique behaviour

An international research team has observed an orangutan treating a facial wound with healing leaves. A behaviour that has never before been recorded among animals. The researchers believe that the ability to use medicinal plants may come from a common ancestor of humans and great apes. Rakus had an open […]

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Forest school at Nyaru Menteng.

The animal keeper who was showered with hugs

Orangutans’ behaviour suggests that they experience complex emotions. This area is not so easy to research but a lot of behavioural observations reveal that orangutans can show empathy and understand the feelings of others. There are also concrete examples of this from the rehabilitation centre Nyaru Menteng. One of the […]

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Welcome to Nyaru Menteng 2

Iqo, Monita and all the other orangutans at the rehabilitation centre will be moved to a new Nyaru Menteng, where new updated facilities will be built. The present Nyaru Menteng is to be used for ecotourism. Nyaru Menteng sits on land owned by the authorities. Our partner organization BOS Foundation […]

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Childen on Borneo

Save the Orangutan receives DKK 15 million from CISU

Save the Orangutan has been approved as a program organization of Civil Society in Development (CISU) by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This also means an important grant of DKK 15.3 million for the work on Borneo. Together with the local partner organizations BOS Foundation and Borneo Nature Foundation, […]

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Great apes remember friends from way back

Despite not seeing each other for as long as 26 years, great apes remember friends and acquaintances from the past. This is revealed in a recently published international study. In the study, chimpanzees and bonobos (pygmy chimpanzees) from different zoos were given the opportunity to look at pictures of conspecifics. It turned out […]

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A wild male orangutan came too close to a village.

Wild orangutan rescued from conflict with humans

A wild male orangutan had to be captured and relocated when he got too close to a village. An incident that gave rise to both fear and curiosity among the villagers. It was in September 2023 that a wild male orangutan approached a village in Borneo. When orangutans do this, it […]

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The new home for the orangutans

Where do Ben, Miko and Nody live now? Well, they reside in the Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park (TNBBBR). Learn more about this safe haven for rehabilitated orangutans. When orphaned orangutans have completed a long rehabilitation process, they are ready for the finale; to be released in the wild where they […]

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Many orangutans get killed

The orangutan is critically endangered but continues to be killed in Borneo. However, the work that Save the Orangutan and other organizations are doing brings hope for the future. A recent study highlighted by The Guardian shows that although it is both taboo and criminal to kill orangutans, it occurred […]

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Daisy’s surprise

The monitoring team in the Bukit Batikap forest recently witnessed something very special: They caught sight of the released orangutan Daisy with a small baby. Daisy was released in Bukit Batikap back in 2012 – the very first year that our partner organization BOS Foundation started releasing rehabilitated orangutans into […]

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Three orangutans to pre-release Island

Otong, Peanut and Priska have moved to a pre-release island – the last stage of the rehabilitation process. The pre-release island is a place where the orangutans test their abilities in natural surroundings before they are finally released back into the rainforest. The relocation team, consisting of medical staff, technicians as well […]

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