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IUCN: The climate is crucial to orangutan protection efforts

A new report from IUCN concludes that the extensive deforestation of Borneo’s rainforests has exacerbated the global climate changes, and the orangutan is under greater pressure than previously anticipated. The report underlines the importance of taking climate changes into account in efforts to restore orangutan habitat. The report has identified […]

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Do you know if your wellies are orangutan-safe?

Natural rubber is used in various everyday products such as rubber bands, wellies, and car tyres. Despite its name, a sustainable and ‘natural’ rubber manufacture is not a given. More often than not, rubber is manufactured without any regards for nature, wildlife, or the manufacturers themselves. The inconsiderate manufacturing procedures […]

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The first six reintroductions of 2019

On the 13th of March, the first six reintroductions of 2019 were carried out in Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park (TNBBBR). The reintroductions are the results of Save the Orangutan and BOS Foundation’s efforts to reintroduce as many orangutans as possible to the rainforest, or to move them to […]

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