Save the Orangutan is a charitable organisation working to save and protect the critically endangered orangutan and its last remaining habitats. Our purpose is to:

Protect and conserve the critically endangered orangutan and its natural habitats.

Empower local communities, primarily in Indonesia, towards social, financial, and naturally resourceful sustainability.

Raise awareness of the threat to the wild orangutan populations and the deforestation of their natural habitats.

We are currently focusing our efforts in Borneo. Learn how Save the Orangutan realises its purpose by reading about our mission and our programmes in Borneo.

Save the Orangutan cooperates closely with Indonesian and international organisations sharing our mission to implement initiatives promoting our purpose. Read more about our partnerships here >>øjre_0575-1-900x600.jpg

Save the Orangutan Foundation's by-laws (Danish with English translations) can be read here >>
Save the Orangutan SE's by-laws (in Swedish) can be read here >>