After the release

When the oragutans have been released in the wild rainforest, their new life in freedom can finally begin. However, the centre doesn’t let go of them entirely. With the implanted radio transmitters the employees at Nyaru Menteng can keep an eye on the orangutans and make sure they are doing well.


Monitoring station

In Bukit Batikap 12-15 employees from Nyaru Menteng follow the orangutans’ behaviour in the forest. The centre has made a camp where the monitoring team can stay and paths that they can follow out into the forest. There is always a vet present in the camp so that the centre can act quickly if an orangutan is hurt.



Released orangutans

So far, 155 orangutans have been reintroduced to the wild in Bukit, and we know of three births in the area. 

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