In Forest Nursery the orangutans get maximum care and try out the art of climbing trees for the first time.

Play and learning

In nature youngsters at this age cling to their mother most of the day. But they also begin to explore the trees on their own. In the nursery the small orangutans therefore also gradually begin to swing back and forth in the trees. In that way they develop their motor function. The orangutans’ game of tag is effective learning.


Laundry baskets as nests

In nature young orangutans sleep with their mother in a nest in the treetops. In Baby House the orang-utans are put in laundry baskets with blankets and pillows. The babysitters sleep with them, and the little ones get milk every few hours just like human babies.

Do you remember BBC's Orangutan Diary?

Here you will find some of the most popular scenes from the forest school of Nyaru Menteng.