After a long and demanding journey, the team behind Alba’s and Kika’s release reached their destination on the 19th of December. The team arrived at the predetermined location in TNBBBR on the morning of the 19th, and they could open up the transport cage after the two orangutans had had a short break.

The video of the journey from Nyaru Menteng to the release site can be seen below. We would like to express our thanks to our partner BOS Foundation, the authorities (BKSDA), and the TNBBBR National Park for their hard work both before and after this release. This is release number 113 and 114 in this area!

You can read more about the plans behind the release here.

Pictures from the release

Update: The first day back in the rainforest

As early as the first day after the release, the monitoring team got up early to find Alba and Kika. The video below from the first day after their release is a good representation on how the team finds and observes the released orangutans: