At the end of January, a small baby orangutan was rescued and taken to the Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Centre. The rescued male orangutan has received treatment and is currently in quarantine.

A joint team from our Indonesian partner BOS Foundation and the Central Kalimantan Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) recently rescued another baby orangutan.

The baby is one year old and was originally found all alone close to a farm. Since then, the baby has lived with a farmer for over a month before the authorities were called in.

When the baby was rescued, he was in a weakened state and running a high temperature. During the trip to Nyaru Menteng he ate fruit and drank the water that was offered to him.

Upon arrival at the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre the baby was placed in quarantine and the medical team performed a general health check on him.

Currently the baby orangutan is still receiving intensive care. As he is malnourished, he must undergo at least two months of quarantine until he can be introduced to his new classmates in the nursery group.

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