The UN climate panel IPCC has released its latest climate report summarizing the last nine years of research. The situation is, as expected, very serious.

The report is based on 14,000 research reports and the work of hundreds of thousands researchers. It clearly shows how global warming is progressing at an ever faster pace. The report also states that mankind is responsible for the changes and that we already changed the climate for good.

This is the last warning before the 1.5 degree target is unattainable. We now have a maximum of ten years, actually only seven, to reduce emissions. The consequences are already disastrous with heat waves and floods affecting both people and animals around the world.

Indonesia would be hit hard

If we don’t stop the current development, extreme weather will become more and more common. Indonesia would likely face a hotter climate and recurring severe forest fires. The country would become unfit for people and animals a large part of the year. Many species would go extinct and the biological diversity greatly decrease.

Backing away

Unfortunately, the political development in many countries is going in the wrong direction. Several are backing away from their climate commitments and, for example, opening coal mines due to the economic crisis and the war in Ukraine.

In the shed of this light, it is surprising and unexpected that the IPCC is not demanding a stop of fossil fuels. Instead, the message is that we must use less.

The trees save the climate

So, what can you do to help out? In addition to making conscious choices and trying to reduce your own carbon footprint, you can actively help increase the number of trees and protect forests. This is because trees bind carbon dioxide and thus play an extremely important role in saving the climate.

You can for example support our tree planting program in Mawas, Borneo. You can also plant trees as a gift.

Thanks for your help!