Otong, Peanut and Priska have moved to a pre-release island – the last stage of the rehabilitation process. The pre-release island is a place where the orangutans test their abilities in natural surroundings before they are finally released back into the rainforest.

The relocation team, consisting of medical staff, technicians as well as animal welfare and communication staff, left Nyaru Menteng already at six in the morning on July 28. The relocation process went smoothly and Otong was joined by two other orangutans, Peanut and Priska.

Took the trip in stride

During the trip, Peanut and Priska showed their discomfort by rocking on their transport cages. However, Otong remained calm and cooperative inside his cage. Even after arriving at Pilang Village Port, he was calm, waiting for the moment the cage would open. Otong’s and Peanut’s transport cages were then opened in the same location.

Changed behavior

Once in place, however, Otong suddenly began to exhibit aggressive behavior. He felt disturbed by the people around him after the trip.

Adopt your own orangutan

Therefore, after the release, Otong immediately went to one side of the island, towards the feeding platform, and tried to get the people away from there. This eventually forced the team to move and head back to open Priska’s cage.

Feasted on fruits

However, some of the staff remained within sight to observe Otong and Peanut. About five to seven minutes after the commotion, Otong calmed down and could be seen enjoying the fruits on the feeding platform.

He shared the food with Peanut, although Otong eventually only ate papaya leaves and the leftover bananas that Peanut dropped from the tree above, as Peanut took almost all the bananas himself.

Settling in 

After the rest of the team returned from Priska’s release, Otong was still seen in the same place for about 20 minutes. He continued to enjoy the fruits that he had received earlier.

Now Otong and the others will have time to settle in their new semi-wild home, while waiting for the day when they will be released into the wild.

Check out this video of Otong’s journey: