Iqo, Monita and all the other orangutans at the rehabilitation centre will be moved to a new Nyaru Menteng, where new updated facilities will be built. The present Nyaru Menteng is to be used for ecotourism.

Nyaru Menteng sits on land owned by the authorities. Our partner organization BOS Foundation has been allowed to use it for a limited period. However, there are now plans for the area to be used for ecotourism, and this must of course not affect the rehabilitation of the orangutans.

A map over Nyaru Menteng 2

Fortunately, BOSF has another natural area very close to the current centre, which has been named Nyaru Menteng 2. BOSF believes that the best thing for the orangutans is to move there, and to build new and better facilities for them in connection with the move. This includes, for example, a playground for the forestry school pupils, staff buildings and a feeding platform. In this way, it is not just a matter of a new address: the framework for developing the orangutans’ skills will also be even better.

The area already has some activity. For example, the orangutans who cannot be reintroduced  live there. The preschool for the smallest orangutans is also located on Nyaru Menteng 2.

The new rehabilitation centre is in the middle of a peat swamp area with amazing biodiversity and natural resources – an absolutely perfect location for the forest school. The peat swamp is a fantastic place to play and learn!

However, moving an entire rehabilitation centre with over 280 orangutans and 100 employees is not done in the blink of an eye. It is a big project, but at the same time it is an opportunity to create something even better for the pupils of the forest school, so that they get the best possible conditions to grow and develop.

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The Orangutan playground at the present Nyaru Menteng (photo: BOSF)