The world's biodiversity hotspots, such as the rainforest in Borneo, are vital to some of the most pressing problems of our time: the climate crisis, the biodiversity crisis and the prevention of pandemics.

In the light of the corona crisis, the need to take care of our nature and biodiversity has become even more evident. Preserving nature - including biodiversity hotspots such as Borneo's rainforest - is important in order to protect animal and plant species as well as to reduce carbon emissions and to prevent future pandemics. Therefore, Save the Orangutan's work to protect and restore the rainforest is very relevant.

In Save the Orangutan's positions on Biodiversity, Climate and Pandemics, you can read more about Borneo's importance for all of these pressing issues, as well as about Save the Orangutan's work for the rainforest in Borneo. Download the PDF below.