Five orangutans have been released


It is with great pleasure that we can announce, that three male orangutans and two female orangutans are enjoying life as free and wild orangutans after being released on the 27 th of May in the rainforests of Borneo. Thus, our loyal contributors have helped 212 orangutans to a new and better life in Borneo's rainforest over  the past five years.

Save the Orangutan has in cooperation with our Indonesian partner, BOS Foundation, released additionally five orangutans in the eastern part of Borneo. All of the orangutans have been rescued from sad fates and have been tended, educated and cared at the rehabilitation center Samboja Lestari. These are the latest examples of, that orangutans can be saved and given a second chance, if necessary support is provided. The five orangutans are Angely, Kenji, Gadis, Hope and Raymond and you can read more about their stories below.


On the 18th of June 2010 the one-year-old orangutan Angely arrived to the centre, after being saved from a local person who had kept her as a pet. She was heavy traumatized and hostile towards humans at first, but has since been through a rapid development. In the rehabilitation program she quickly learned all the necessary skills to survive in the rainforest, and therefore this beautiful orangutan female is now ready to be released after six years in the rehabilitation program. 


A local man found Kenji near an oil palm plantation a day in October 2010. This little on-year-old orangutan male was in a bad condition and had a wound in the hip, which was inflicted by a machete. The man immediately called the staff at the centre and got Kenji in treatment. At first he refused, however, to be carried around, but he has always been glad for other orangutans. It is therefore with great pleasure that we can release seven-years-old Kenji. He certainly deserves a second chance. 


This orangutan female was found unconscious and sick in February 2014. She was five years old and weighed 23 kilos by her arrival, where she immediately received intensive treatment at the centre. She quickly proved to be an intelligent orangutan that despite being popular among the males preferred to be alone. She is now seven years old, weighs 33 kilos and is ready to take care of herself in the Borneo’s rainforests. 


On the 17th of October 2010 Hope was saved from a destiny as a pet. The centre was actually filled as this on-year-old orangutan arrived. But because of his desperate need of help, a place was found for him. It took over two months to get him upright again, but then he did not look back. Today he is a strong six-years-old orangutan that weighs 27 kilos and is ready to live in the wild rainforest. 


As this young orangutan was eight month old he was rescued from a local person, who had kept him as a pet in 2007. He weighed only 3.6 kilos and it was obvious, that the captivity had affected him deeply. Under the staff’s attentive care he slowly began opening up again and there was life left in his small eyes. He still gets excited, when people approach him and it is therefore with great pleasure, that we now can release him in the rainforest. Here he can live a solitary life like a wild orangutan male is supposed to.

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