Welcome to Nyaru Menteng, Ruru


In June 2014 Nyaru Menteng got a new little orangutan-inhabitant. Luckily, the little orangutan female has been treated quite well as a house pet and she has a good chance of returning to the wild someday.

On June 11th 2014 the rain was falling heavily when Nyaru Menteng's rescue team drove towards Sampit. Together with the local authorities the team was on


its way to a small timber-village to rescue an orangutan being kept as a pet. The family had contacted Nyaru Menteng. The orangutan had been living with them for a month and now they wanted to get rid of her.

Ignorant of laws

After a six-hour long drive the team finally arrived. The representatives from the authorities informed the family about the law regarding orangutans. Although orangutans are protected by law, many people in the small villages are still unaware of them - or simply do not care about them.

Found by the road

The family told the team that they had found the little two-year-old orangutan, named Ruru, by the road near a small plot of forest in the Sampit area. They had brought her home and took care of her the best they could. She had not - as many other pet-orangutans - been kept in a cage but had instead been running


around in the house with the family.

Secure around people

The transfer of Ruru was peaceful. On the way home the little orangutan sat on the lap of veterinarian Lia. She appeared to feel safe around people and ate the fruit that Lia gave her without hesitation. Lia assessed that Ruru must have been separated from her mother at a very young age. However, it is impossible to know how she lost her mother and if the family in Sampit was telling the truth about how they had found her.

Good chance

After arriving at the center, Lia examined Ruru and she is currently kept in


quarantine at the center. The babysitter Jumiati is looking after her during the quarantine periodto make sure that she does not bring any diseases into the center and the other orangutans. When the quarantine period is over Ruru will be able to meet and play with her new friends in the forest school's kindergarten. Ruru is doing well and seems quite happy and although she has spent her first years in a human home, she can climb small trees. After a few years in the rehabilitation program, "forest school", there is a good chance that she will be able to take care of herself in the wild rainforest.

Should live far away from humans

Ruru should be with her mother in the canopies of the rainforest, far from human contact. But since that is unfortunately no longer an option, at least she has a new home and can spend time with the babysitter Jumiati at the rehabilitation center for homeless and orphaned orangutans, Nyaru Menteng.

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