Precautionary measures taken against Borneo's fires


The drought on Borneo is extraordinary bad this year, and this is the reason why thousands of fires currently are burning on Borneo. Our partner on Borneo, BOSF, has therefore taken precautionary measures to avoid fires on Nyaru Menteng and making sure the orangutans stay healthy.

Right now is thousand of fires burning all over Borneo, and last week several fires started near the rehabilitation centers, where orangutans are prepared for releases. Unfortunatelt, we can not avoid that the fires affects the daily routines since the haze is above the centers and can affect the healthcondition of the youngest orangutans and reduce the mobility of the adults.

What precautions are made against the fires?

On Nyaru Menteng, 23 wells have been made on strategically important areas, and fireextinquishing equipment has likewise been placed in the right areas.

During September, a fire fighting training was made at Nyaru Menteng, and the staff from the center is in close contact with local disaster management agency. Furthermore, additional mobile waterpumps have been placed on strategic important ares.

What is done to help the orangutans?

The fires are already affecting the life of the orangutans since the haze is in the area of Nyaru Menteng. Only strong orangutans are taken outside, and if the haze is too thick, they all stay at the center. If an emergency occurs, there has been prepared O2 masks for all the orangutans, so they can breathe even in dense haze.

The haze can be dangerous for the young orangutans and they are therefore kept inside in the nursery in this period, and the veterinary is making sure, that they are all in good conditions.

Furthermore, alle orangutans are given a daily dosis of vitamins. The youngest orangutans gets it through a special vitamin syrup, while the adults get vitamin tablets.

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