Facebook update revealed locked up baby orangutan


A 1.5-year-old baby orangutan was freed by Nyaru Menteng’s rescue team in June after a local man had made a Facebook update with a photo of the captive baby orangutan.  It was named Jelapat and it is one of a total of five baby orangutans that have been rescued during the month of June.

Nyaru Menteng’s rescue team immediately went out to the unwary man, who had made the Facebook update. And sure enough, the rescue team found a baby orangutan barely 1.5 years old dressed like a little human being locked up in a small cage sized 50 x 50 centimeters.

Another victim of the falls forest fires

The perpetrator claimed, that he did not know that it is illegal to keep orangutans as pets. He had found the orangutan all by itself in a burned area in mid-December and he had taken it as he presumed the mother had been caught in the flames. During the captivity the baby orangutan had lived off the leftovers from the man’s own meals. Read more about the 2015 forest fires here >>

After the rescue team had explained him about the orangutan’s critical situation and the laws regarding protection of endangered animals, the man was more than willing to give the baby orangutan to the Nyaru Menteng rehabilitation centre.  At the rehabilitation centre Jelapat underwent a thorough medical examination and he is currently in quarantine until he gets better and the test results are back. Jelapat is gaining weight and recovering from the traumatic ordeals. 

A busy month

Jelapat is not the only orangutan, which has been freed by Nyaru Menteng’s rescue team during the month of June. Four other baby orangutans have also arrived at the centre during June.

One of these is a 4-5 months old female orangutan named Mema. She was found in a cardboard box and she was close to dying of starvation and exhaustion.  She weighed only 2.3 kilos when she arrived at Nyaru Menteng and she would not stop whining for the first couple of weeks. Fortunately, she is also recovering at the centre and will one day be released into the rainforest again. You can read more about the rescue of the only two weeks old orangutan baby Bumi here.

You can help save orangutans like Jelapat, Mema og Bumi. Adopt an orangutan from Nyaru Menteng, and support the centre's work helping the critically endangered orangutan on Borneo. Adopt an orangutan here >>