25 new orangutan students at the island university


University life on protected islands is the last stop for the orangutans at
Nyaru Menteng before they are ready to return to a life in the wild. A total
of 25 young orangutans started university in February and March 2015.

Young orangutans have a lot to learn before they are ready to live on their own
in the rainforest. If they grow up in nature, they learn everything from their
mother. However, if they, like most of the orangutans at Nyaru Menteng, have

Releasing Carmen

lost their mother and their home in the rainforest, they have to undergo a
rehabilitation process that can last up to eight years. At Nyaru Menteng the last
step in the rehabilitation process is the island university. 

Twelve new orangutans at Bangamat Island

Nyaru Menteng currently has access to three protected islands: Kaja, Bangamat
and Palas. In the period between 26- 28 February 2015, twelve orangutans from
forest school, namely Elin, Puput, Geragu, Pak Edi, Megi, Mars, Tubagus, Tuhe,
Pluto, Coklat, Otong and Pak Hery were transported by boat to Bangamat Island
and set free. The number of orangutans on Kaja Island is now 25.

Thirteen new orangutans at Kaja Island

When the demanding movement of orangutans to Bangamat Island had been
carried out successfully, 13 more orangutans could be moved to Kaja Island. In
the period between 2-4 March, Taruna, Indi, Nyiwuh, Zoe, Aulin, Ranensi, Bella,
Suma, Carmen, Dancow, Nanda, Kay and Kato were driven and sailed to the

Keeping an eye on the new students

island of Kaja. In total, 51 orangutans now live at Kaja Island. The third island,Palas Island, has 24 residents.

Soon ready for the free life in the wild

Once on the islands, the orangutans have to get used to living without the people
who have served as surrogate mothers and teachers for them during their time
in the forest school. The technicians delivering supplementary food to the
orangutans keep an eye on how the orangutans are doing. If all goes as expected, they will be ready for a life in the wild after a full year on the island. Next step is a life in freedom.

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