New trees planted in Borneo with help from Save the Orangutan


Thousands of new trees are growing in Borneo due to Save the Orangutan’s SOS Borneo partner’s support. The trees are planted in a destroyed forest area in Mawas and with time the forest will become a home for wild orangutans. We collaborate with local partners and communities to ensure a sustainable process that also benefits the local communities.

To be exact, 3.347 trees were planted during December. These trees cover three hectares and they are the first trees financed by the SOS Borneo partners. They are planted in collaboration with our Indonesian partner, Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) and local communities.

Creates new rainforest

In the end of the 1990’s big areas of tropical peat forest were destroyed in Mawas due to a “Mega Rice Project”. This project included digging large canals that drained the peat land. It was later discovered that the area was not suited for rice production.

Unfortunately, the nature has not been able to restore itself and Save the Orangutan has therefore, in collaboration with BOSF, started to plant new trees in the destroyed areas. The reforestation is taking place in an area called Mawas – home for over 3.000 wild orangutans.

In collaboration with local communities

Save the Orangutan works together with local indigenous Dayak communities in the surrounding villages. They collect and grow the seedlings that we buy from them. Furthermore, they check the trees’ conditions during the first two years and they will replace dead trees with new trees if necessary.

Save the Orangutan is in this way supporting a sustainable livelihood for the communities and is ensuring that they support the recreation of rainforest in their area. Read more about Save the Orangutan’s collaboration with local communities here >>

The orangutans need help

Borneo’s rainforests are disappearing with great haste.  Over the last three decades, more than 80 per cent of the orangutan habitats have been destroyed. If the orangutans in the future will continue to have a rainforest home, it demands action now.

You can become a SOS Borneo partner and help protect and replant Borneo’s rainforest that over time will become home to wild orangutans. Sign up as a SOS Borneo Partner here >>