Save the Orangutan is supporting Borneo’s fire fighters


Thanks to additional funds collected in Denmark has Save the Orangutan been able to send extra funds to our Indonesian partner, BOSF. Some of the additional funds will support and help establish new fire squads and which can help the teams to fight the fires more effectively. We will also make sure that new trees will be planted in destroyed areas.

This year, the forest fires have been unusual strong on Borneo due to the global weather phenomenon El Nino and as a result have several provinces even declared state of emergency. Most of the public focus is on fighting the fires in areas near human settlements. Save the Orangutan therefore concentrate on supporting the fire fighting where the orangutans live and we will also make sure that new rainforest will be planted in damaged areas – so that the orangutan will have a rainforest to live in, in the future as well.

Fire fighting equipment has been sent to Borneo

Among many things, Save the Orangutan has sent equipment to three extra fire squads. The equipment has been everything from water pumps and fire hoses to transportation and vehicles. Furthermore has Save the Orangutan together with our local Indonesian partner, BOSF, trained and equipped volunteers from nearby villages to fight the fires, since there has been a lack of fire fighters in many of the affected areas.

Save the Orangutan has also supported the fire fighting around the orangutans’ home by donating funds to help the staff to dig new wells and to cover logistical expenses, like food, gasoline, and transport. In this way, we are supporting the fire fighters so they can concentrate on extinguishing the fires.

Fires near the rehabilitation centres

The fires have several times been near the rehabilitation centres and heroic actions from the local staff have helped stop the fires from threatening the orangutans living in the centres. Currently it seems like all the orangutans are healthy and that they have been able to avoid any permanent injuries from the haze. You can read more about the precautions taken on the centres here >>

The rescue team on Nyaru Menteng has furthermore been working around the clock to rescue orangutans that are fleeing from the fires. Many have been rescued and found when they were dehydrated, undernourished and scared.

New trees will grow where old ones have fallen

Since the beginning of July, more than 100.000 forest fires have been registered in Indonesia, and the fires have destroyed over 1.7 million hectares of rainforest. Some of our collected additional funds will therefore go to replant the rainforest.

As soon as the haze vanishes and the fires has been defeated, new trees will be planted, where old ones have fallen. Save the Orangutan is able to plant over 8,500 new trees, in an area called Mawas where approximately 3.000 wild orangutans live thanks to the very kind donations received. But unfortunately has this protected area suffered a lot, despite the local fire fighters effort. More than 2,000 fires have burnt down 15,000 hectares of rainforest since July.

You can help us replant and recreate Mawas’ rainforest. By becoming a SOS Borneo partner you will support Save the Orangutan’s planting program with a monthly donation. Read more about SOS Borneo here >>