Two orangutans saved from sat fates as pets


An 18-month-old baby orangutan was rescued from an oil palm plantation worker and another orangutan had apparently been kept as a pet for four years before it was freed in August.

Every year many orangutans are taken as pets and imprisoned in cages and houses despite the fact that it is illegal and can have a devastating impact on the orangutans.

Their sweet and human appearance and high intelligence makes them popular as pets, but one forgets that orangutans are wild animals and the orangutans’ mother is often killed in the capture of the baby.

Baby orangutan found by oil palm plantation worker

An only 18 months old female orangutan was freed on August 8th by the Nyaru Menteng’s rescue team. The baby orangutan was incarcerated by an oil palm plantation worker who claimed he had found the lonely and abandoned baby orangutan the previous week. An orangutan mother would never leave her baby voluntarily, so we therefore fear the worst for her fate.

The baby orangutan has now been named Suci and she is safe and sound at Nyaru Menteng. The baby has been examined by the doctors at Nyaru Menteng and she is a part of the rehabilitation program so one day she can be released back into the rainforest.

Baby orangutan was held captive for four years

At a local festival a policeman spotted an orangutan that was kept as a pet.

The orangutan’s head was almost bald, because the owner apparently shaved its head. The policeman immediately contacted Nyaru Menteng’s rescue team and on 18th of August the orangutan was freed. The owner explained that he did not know it was illegal, and that he had received it from a friend four years ago, when it was about six months old.

You can help Save the Orangutans work in rescuing distressed orangutans and give them a second chance in life. Adopt an orangutan and follow it on its way towards being released here >>