Five orangutans on the road to freedom


In two days five orangutans from the rehabilitation center Nyaru Menteng will all live in their new home, the conservation forest of Bukit Batikap. The journey begins today.

Two days from now five more orangutans will be living like wild orangutans in the conservation forest Bukit Batikap on Central Borneo. All five orangutans have lived at the rehabilitation center Nyaru Menteng since they were very young. They have all lost their mother and rainforest home but at the center they have learned the skills they need to be able to survive in the wild. Today, they will begin the journey to the release point.

Maha, 10 years old 

Maha was saved from a small village called Mahajandau in the province Maha of Central Kalimantan on Borneo on the 5th of august in 2007. He was then only one and a half years old an weighted 12 kilos. Maha was already back then, what we call a semi-wild orangutan. He did well in forest school and was a very active and and learned pretty early to be independent of humans. Today he weighs 35 kilos and after eight years on the center is he now more than ready to start a new life in the wild rainforest.

Jatihan, 9 years old

Jitihan was saved from a private person who lived in the small village of Kereng Jatihan Pangi on Central Kalimantan, Borneo on the 6th of January 2008. He was at that time only one and a half years old and weighted 7 kilos. After Jatihan graduated from the forest school, he moved to the protected island called Bangamat. There he had a fight with one of the other orangutans on and hurt his index finger, so badly that the doctors had to to amputate it. But Jatihan has made it very well on the island. Today, he weighs 40 kilos and is ready to try his newly obtained skills as a wild orangutan in pristine rainforest.

Compost, 13 years old

Little Compost was found alone in a palm oil plantation on the 29th of August Compost 2003. It was a worker who found the at that time two-year-old orangutan. He took her with him home, took care of her and after two days he called the local authorities. Compost moved to Nyaru Menteng where she attended forest school and later lived at the protected islands Palas and Kaja. Compost has a permanent injury on her right eye but the now 47-kilo female orangutan is after 11 years of rehabilitation ready for a life in the wild.

Dewi, 20 years old 

Dewi was six and a half years old when she arrived at the center on the 10th of Dewi November 2011. She was saved from a resident in a small village called Surabaya on the Indonesian island Java. After many years in captivity, she had to learn everything from the beginning; she had simply lost all of her wild instinct and skills. She moved to the protected island of Bangamat during the year of 2005 and she has enjoyed her years there, but after 13 years at the center is it now time for her to try on the life as a wild orangutan in the Bornean forest.

Mentos, 17 years old

Mentos was saved from a local village close to Nyaru Menteng on the 22nd of Mentos June in the year 2000. She was at that time only one a half years old and weighted only 4,5 kilo. Mentos moved after 13 years in the forest school to one of the protected islands and has ever since showed to be a quite shy and quiet orangutan. But she still enjoys the company of her orangutan friends and enjoys playing with water. Today she weight 50 impressing kilos and the fully-grown orangutan girl can from now on play with her friends along the Joloi-river in the rainforest area of Bukit Batikap.

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