Young orangutan rescued from a destiny as a pet


Nyaru Menteng’s rescue team received a telephone call in the beginning of April. An observant member of the village had seen an orangutan baby hold in captivity in the house next-door. When the rescue team arrived at the village, the orangutan was very weak, but is today slowly recovering in the rehabilitation centre for orphaned orangutans, Nyaru Menteng. Soon he will be strong enough to be together with the other young orangutans in the nursery.

It is always sad, when an orphaned orangutan is found in captivity, as they are free spirits destined to roam around in the rainforest og Borneo. Luckily for little Mang Sunen, yes that’s his name, an attentive neighbour saw him in a cage and immediately called Nyaru Menteng’s rescue team and he was freed the 8th of April, shortly after the call.

He was captured in a village, where the forest fires of this fall have had devastating effect on the surrounding rainforest in the area, and it is therefore likely that the fires have forced him and his mother to come closer to the village and humans.

Mang Sunen is slowly recovering

The little orangutan baby was immediately transferred to Nyaru Menteng’s clinic where the team performed a health check on him. Even though he was severely malnourished, he did not have any serious physical injuries, and the health check also established that Mang Sunen is around one year old.

He received the name Mang Sunen as soon as he arrived at the centre and he is now under constant surveillance until the staff is certain that he is going to make it and that he eats enough. Young orangutans can often go into a state of shock, when they loose their mothers or are kept in captivity. It is therefore important that he is under constant observation and there is always a babysitter nearby during the first couple of months, so that he can feel safe and can get help if necessary.

Mang Sunen is already showing good signs of progression and he is now moving around and exploring the area around him. He regularly eats fruits and honey and everything is suggesting that he is going to make it and one day can be released back into the rainforest.

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