The monitoring team in the Bukit Batikap forest recently witnessed something very special: They caught sight of the released orangutan Daisy with a small baby.

Daisy was released in Bukit Batikap back in 2012 – the very first year that our partner organization BOS Foundation started releasing rehabilitated orangutans into the area.

Daisy’s surprise

However, it has been a very long time since the team saw anything of her. Therefore, it was a very nice surprise to spot her again as she approached the team’s camp. And not only that: Daisy carried a baby!

The monitoring team immediately jumped up and began observing Daisy and her offspring. They were able to quickly determine that both were active and in good health.

Clung on tight

The baby still seemed to be completely dependent on its mother, clinging tightly to her fur to keep it from falling down. However, it was not clear to the team what gender it is.

It’s always amazing when new baby orangutans are spotted in the wild. It is one of the clearest signs of successful rehabilitation and it brings hope for the orangutan’s future.

Help us to help

We wish Daisy and the little one all the best on life’s journey!

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