Adopt an orphaned orangutan and help it return to the rainforest

The orangutan is an endangered species

Thousands of orangutans disappear each year as their rainforest home on Borneo is systematically destroyed. The wild orangutan is threatened with extinction.

Save the Orangutan is working to change this, but we need your help.


New rainforest program

The orangutans on Borneo cannot survive without rainforests. As a result, Save the Orangutan has launched a Forest Program with the purpose of preserving and restoring the orangutans’ natural habitat. By supporting SOS Borneo, you help ensure that orangutans can continue to roam freely in the treetops of Borneo. Read more about SOS Borneo here >>

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New videos from Borneo

The above trailer introduces 10 new videos, that are made in order to show the extensive work that goes on everyday in order to save the orangutans. We named the videos "We Love Orangutans" and you can watch the rest by following this link >>