The orangutan is headed for extinction

- Adopt an orphaned orangutan and help it return to the rainforest

Save the Orangutan helps Borneo's critically endangered orangutan by rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned orangutans and protecting and replanting their rainforest habitat. Together we can do a difference. Until they're safe!

Durin October, an eight month old orangutan was found deserted and malnourished and a three-year-old orangutan was freed from captivity. Read their rescue stories here >>

One of the orangutans had been smuggled out to Thailand a decade ago, but now she can finally enjoy her freedom in a protected rainforest. Read the whole story about the release here >>


Valentino was found all alone playing on a river bank. Luckily Nyaru Menteng's rescue team was able to help him. Read more here >>

The above trailer introduces 10 new videos, that are made in order to show the extensive work that goes on everyday in order to save the orangutans. We named the videos "We Love Orangutans" and you can watch the rest by following this link >>

A new species of great apes has for the first time in nearly 100 years been discovered - and it is an orangutan. Read more here >>