UN report: None of the biodiversity targets are met

The UN has published the fifth report of the overview of the state of nature worldwide. The report shows that many species are still facing unparalleled extinction rates and that none of the international biodiversity targets, the Aichi biodiversity targets, have been met. In 2010, 20 objectives to safeguard ecosystems […]

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A race against time

A race against time: Saving the Rungan forest

In the Rungan Forest, Save the Orangutan and Borneo Nature Foundation are working to develop the local community and help indigenous peoples obtain the rights to manage the forest. This is done in a race against an industrial development that is clearing the rainforest in a fast pace. The first […]

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Observing Vista and Vee

Observing Vista and Vee in the TNBBBR National Park

Save the Orangutan has invested in improving the post-release monitoring efforts  further in Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park (TNBBBR). One day in the rainforest, the post-release monitoring team found orangutan mother Vista and her baby Vee, both released in 2018. Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park (TNBBBR) is one […]

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Land rights – a key element in nature conservation

It is good for the rainforest to be managed by indigenous people, with their local knowledge. However, plantations are slowly taking over the forest, hectare by hectare, and it is a difficult and protracted task to obtain the rights to the land. For that reason, Save the Orangutan and our […]

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camera traps

Camera traps give rare glimpse of life in the wild

Some of the early images from a new research project give an unique insight into life in the rainforest. The hope is that the data will provide new knowledge about orangutans and how they cope with life in the wild after being released. A pilot study is looking into how […]

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Here are our efforts against COVID-19

Save the Orangutan, together with our Indonesian partner BOS Foundation, has launched two new initiatives to stop the spread of COVID-19. One effort will keep the infection away from the Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Centre, another will protect the wild orangutans and indigenous peoples of the rainforest. In Denmark, society is […]

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The fire season has begun: State of emergency declared

More than 700 fires have been identified in one of the Indonesian provinces where Save the Orangutan runs several projects. The air pollution may worsen the corona crisis in Indonesia. The Indonesian province of Central Kalimantan, where Save the Orangutan runs several projects, has now declared state of emergency after […]

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Bamboo gives indigenous handicrafts new life

As part of a project aiming at strengthening the cultural identity of indigenous people, Dayak Wehea women were invited to a handicrafts training session earlier this year. Amongst other things, they were taught to use the sustainable raw material bamboo in their traditional handicrafts. Bags, hats, figurines, machete sheats and […]

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COVID-19 & the critically endangered orangutan

The outbreak of the coronavirus poses a threat to orangutans The current health crisis caused by the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 can pose a threat to the critically endangered orangutan. For this reason, experts around the world are recommending immediate measures to reduce the risk that the new coronavirus is transmitted […]

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Corona update: We continue our work for the orangutans

Like the rest of the world we at Save the Orangutan are affected by the extraordinary circumstances that COVID-19 has caused. We support the regulations and recommendations and contribute by protecting our employees and society. Therefore, we are working from home. This does not prevent us from continuing with our […]

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